Are you ready to transform your body? Pilates (Mat and Reformer) may be for you. We believe that everyone should give pilates a try because of its ability to change your level of physical fitness. It's perfect for any gender and any age group. Why?

One of the benefits of pilates is an amazing core. You strengthen your rectus abdomnis (six-pack) and correct imbalances between your right and left sides. Your core is stronger than it has been in years.

You'll experience a reduction in back pain. Pilates helps to strengthen your core which takes pressure off your lower back. Your posture improves and your mobility increases. Additionally, pilates is easy on your joints thanks to the controlled movements. You don't run the risk of damaging your joints due to excessive impact.

The exercise promotes overall wellness by forcing you to focus on your breathing and movement. You pay attention to the way you are moving which helps you take your mind of your typical stressors. Your mental health improves and your stress gets reduced.

Pilates will also help you lose weight and burn calories. When you combine your class with a healthy diet and focus on nutrition, you are able to shed pounds and firm your body. The health benefits you realize are well worth your time and effort.

We invite you to join one of the pilates classes at SOMA Health Club today. Click on View Schedule to find a class that meets your needs. We are excited to have you in the SOMA family and are pleased that you are considering us as a partner in your journey to wellness.

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