Raising the Barre: 5 Benefits of Taking a Barre Class

Crossfit and lifting heavy barbells aren't for everyone. Barre just might be!

But, is barre a good workout? What even is barre, anyway?

Think of barre as a mix of ballet, yoga, pilates, and aerobics. Add in resistance bands, dumbells, and yoga balls and you've got an intense, fun, ballet-inspired workout!

Overall, the benefits of barre classes are similar to that of a standard cardio workout. However, there are other distinctive upsides of barre that you just don't get from other workouts.

Still not sold? We've compiled a few of the many benefits of barre class. 

The Top Five Benefits of Taking a Barre Class

Just like any workout, barre is part of a healthy routine and lifestyle. With benefits ranging from increased muscle strength to better detox, you can't lose!

1. Full-Body Strength

Barre is a full-body workout guaranteed to stretch, engage, and challenge every muscle in your body. Pushing your muscle's limits causes them to adapt and build more strength.

By building strength in your whole body, everyday activities become easier and you're less prone to injury.

On top of that, your muscle will grow in response, contributing to an overall toned look.

2. Boost Your Core Strength

Barre exercises are made up of small, isometric movements that challenge the muscles of your core. Consistent incorporation of barre exercises can result in a stronger, more stable core over time. This is important for things like injury prevention.

Additionally, the constant use of these muscles will result in a better mind-muscle connection. This means you'll use these muscles more in your movements throughout the day.

3. Improves Your Posture

Poor posture is a contributor to back pain. By improving your posture, you may be able to help treat muscle pain or tightness associated with bad posture.

Barre helps to support a healthy posture by encouraging alignment of the body and lengthening of the muscles. Over time, your body will learn how to better utilize the muscles needed to maintain a healthy posture. 

4. Increased Lymphatic Drainage to Boost Detox

Puffy and sluggish? Barre classes might be able to help.

The lymphatic system, one of your body's detox systems, helps to circulate and eliminate toxins in your body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system doesn't have the heart to help it circulate. Instead, stretching and exercise help to promote proper movement of the lymph.

Since barre is a combination of muscle contractions and stretching, it's the perfect lymphatic circulator!

5. Burns Fat

Don't let the leotards fool you, barre workouts are tough -- you'll blast some serious fat.

Low to moderate intensity workouts like barre result in increased fat oxidation, the scientific term for fat burning.

By incorporating barre into your weekly exercise routine, you may be able to lower your body fat percentage.

Book a Barre Class Today!

Interested in the benefits of pure barre? Give it a try! It might just be your new obsession.

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